Dinner Ideas while you Quilt!

Dinner Ideas while you Quilt!

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How To Buy Fabric Online

How To Buy Fabric Online

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Online Purchases can be made using most credt cards, e-check, or cash funds, thru PayPal’s secure online shopping server.

*A PayPal account is not neccssary to utilize the Credit Card option.*

S/H is automatically calculated for domestic and global orders.
You can view the rates and update your cart before checkout.

Please check that your address is current and quantities on your
order form are correct before sending payment.

Simply enter in the amount of fabric you want. For example...

.25 = Fat Quarter
.50 = 1/2 Yard
.75 = 3/4 Yard
1.00 = 1 Yard
1.25 = 1 1/4 Yard

Free Shipping on Orders Over $150.00 in U.S.